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QTool Pro Activation

QTool Pro Best Tool for Samsung and Other Brands. Adding languages to phone (Samsung, LG, Pantech Sky(s), Oppo) (YES 1 SHOT – Arab, Thai, Vietnamese….)
Patch services (aka Samsung SecContacts* fix)

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QTool Pro Introduce

  • Convert, mount and directly editing system ext4 images (no extraction needed)
  • Add languages to rom (YES 1 SHOT – Arab, Thai, Vietnamese ….)
  • Rip rom languages
    • Debloat
    • Deodex
      • TAR maker (Support lastest Samsung firmwares with meta folder)
  • Adding languages to phone (Samsung, LG, Pantech Sky(s), Oppo) (YES 1 SHOT – Arab, Thai, Vietnamese….)
    Patch services (aka Samsung SecContacts* fix)

    • Rip phone languages
  • App Manager (for debloating, searching, All US carriers [A, T, P, V], Korean Carriers (LG U+, SKTelecom)
  • Japanese ( DCM, KDDI) China Region (CN, HK, TW), Chinese Phones)
  • BuildProp Editor
  • Manual mode : for managing, search, pull, mod apks…
  • Highly customize (You can use your own distionaries, apktools, custom lists…idc lol)
  • Support windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 upto Creator Update
  • No additional download, install needed.
  • Fast – Reliable and easy to use

Please read support document for more information

QTool Pro Released 3.1.


  • Add languages ​​Auto, Arabic, Fasi, Francais, Khmer, Russian, Thai, Turkey, Urdu …
  • Support Oppo Auto Việt Hoa.
  • Support LG VietNam Automatic
  • Build rom no special rool No System.img ext4 (use Mount + Unmount function)
  • Backup System.img Ext4 after adding language, Build Tar + MD5.
  • Auto Build Root From Original Boot.img (Developed For All Samsung)
  • Change logo Boot Chines, sprint, Verzion, T-mobile, AT & t …. International Logo.
  • Boot.img auto-loader, recovery.img
  • Show hidden language with 2 modes without root + Need root.
  • Turn 3G off
  • Fix csc Vietnam
  • Fix Contact 5.1.1 -> 7.0
  • Add to Play For Samsung Series.
  • Fix Apk Xml Error, PNG Framework ..
  • Build Tar, Build MD5 Standard.
  • Root check function R / W.
  • Fixing Error Using ENG ROOT to Root Device Occurs Heater, Hanging.
  • Fix Internet Apk + Apk Clock Error has stopped by utility menu.
  • Apk Manager Manager app
  • App Manager Manage system app, Delete App Trash.
  • Edit the Store Information in the About Phone section.
  • Auto dictionary from Rom, Phone.
  • Withdraw International Ch-Play From Phone.
  • Backup & Restore Apk Very Important. Q Tool Activation Price in Pakistan
  • Enable usb setting menu * # 0808 #, * # 9090 #
  • Turn on the Service Menu
  • Activate Diag mode
  • Activate DM + MODEM + ADB mode.
  • Bypass FRP (adb)
  • Delete the lock screen if there is a root.
  • Put the phone into Download mode
  • Put the phone into Recovery Mode
  • Factory reset mode.
  • Single Phone Information.

QTool Pro Update Function Build Root File For Samsung From Boot.img Stock File Of Rom. (Hot)
QToolPro Ver 4.0

QTool Pro 3.2 Update New Official release.

  • Make Root From Boot.img Stock Samsung
  • Make Enable Adb Boot.img Stock Samsung
  • Remove Pattern Samsung.


QTool Pro 3.3 Official Release Update New 7-09-2017.
Functions 3.3

  • Add Language Eupore Auto.
  • Build Rom Mtk, Chip Qualcomm Vivo, Oppo
  • Fix Make Root From boot. SC chip
  • Add Language Auto Vivo 5.1.1 -> 6.0.1
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Build Root Vivo
  • Remove FRP Oppo Qualcomm
  • Edit Scatter Bypass Frp & Pattern Mtk
  • qcn Fix Imei Qualcomm Oppo Vivo.
  • HTC Flash, RUU, sideload.Get Token, Download.


QTool Pro 3.4 Release Official Update New
Update Function

  • Fix Build Rom For The Chip
    • Mtk
    • Qualcomm (samsung, vivo, oppo)
    • Exynos (Samsung)
  • Fix Add Language (Việt Hóa)
  • More Chinese Dictionaries Withdrawing Function (You can edit dictionaries to remove Apk Extras correctly)
  • Fix Dump Qualcomm Vivo, Oppo.

QTool Pro Update 3.5 28/07/2017

  • Fix Old Function
  • Remove ScreenLock Samsung
  • Remove Lock Samsung Number
  • Remove Samsung Fingerprint
  • Fix Samsung Root Boot Patch
  • Please Run As Adminitrator QToolPro.exe.
  • Note: Use Boot.img From Stock -> Patch Boot -> Flash New boot
  • Removing Code, Handwriting, Password For All Samsung Does Not Take Data By QToolPro.
  • Remember Run Tool With Admin Permissions.
  • Get Boot.img Same Ver from Rom Original Use QToolPro Pacth Boot Then Load New Boot Loaded by
  • QToolPro via Download mode Delete Drawing Code without Lost data.

QTool Pro Update Official 3.6 22/08/2017.
Support :

  • Fix Add Language Arabic ,Farsi,Turkey New
  • Install Playstore Auto (Ch-Play)Samsung,Oppo,Vivo.
  • Patch Sevices + Patch Contact To Rom
  • Dump + Flash System EDL 9008 Qualcomm Vivo.
    • Vivo V3max
    • Vivo Y35A
    • Vivo Y55A
    • Vivo Y51A
    • Vivo X5Max
    • Vivo X5Max Plus
    • Vivo Y66
    • Vivo X6splus A
    • Vivo X7
    • Vivo X7 Plus

QTool Pro 3.8 Update Released Official.

  • Update Add Language By Custom Dictionary For samsung, huawei, lg, oppo, vivo
  • Samsung Root Update (Patch boot.img)
  • Update Dump Boot, Samsung Recovery.
  • Update Patch Boot Vivo (English)
  • Update Convert 32 bit Samsung Chip Exynos.


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